This is extensive list of cleaning tasks/points which needs to be followed to bring the property in immaculate condition, help to get clients deposit back after deep house cleaning.

  • Kitchens & kitchen appliances– Cleaning main appliances like fan extractor, hobs and ovens (included in the price) together with refrigerators, dishwashers, kettle’s, rubbish bins, toasters, microwaves, sink, cupboards, cutlery and many more.
  • Bathrooms & toilet– Entire shower cabins and the glass, bathtubs, plastic toilet seats, tiled floors, tiled walls, and more.
  • Living rooms– Wooden, vinyl or carpeted floors, carpets and upholstery, TV cabinets, house seating furniture, curtains, shelving, wardrobes, cupboards, wall-hung items, balcony windows and more.
  • Bedrooms– Cupboards, wardrobes, seating furniture, cleaning windows and window sills, doors and door knobs, light switches, dusting bed tables, thorough floors vacuuming and underneath and behind furniture plus the bed (if easy to reach out).

Hallways & staircases – Entry area free from cobwebs, entry mats, floors, hall trees, shoe racks, cupboards, wall hung photos, mirrors, other pieces and more